How I started following Real Madrid

Journey from following Football as a sport to Real Madrid as my favourite football team

Real Madrid Logo

ostly, Indian homes have cricket centric atmospheres. My home was quite different though. Apart from Cricket, my dad also used to watch some iconic tournaments like Tour De France, Wimbeldon and Olympics. He wasn’t a fan or follower of Football, so I didn’t have much idea about football back then. In 2010, I got a computer at home. Me and my friends would discuss about new games and often play them together. One of my friends suggested me about FIFA 10, which was wonderful and amazing game, very ahead of it’s time. I still remember the graphics and gameplay of that game.

I started playing FIFA 10, figuring out various tournaments. This developed interest about Football in me. Football has 11 players on one side, making it 22 on the pitch. Two teams compete against each other and the team with most goals, win. Football is a time-based game where the duration of a game is generally 90 minutes, except for special conditions. For knockout games, if the score remains equal after 90 minutes, extra 30 minutes are added which makes the game duration to120 minutes. If the score after 120 minutes is equal, the game goes to penalties. Generally, cricket and other games usually have a longer duration, T-20 Cricket is almost a 4 hour game and even Tennis spans for 3–4 hours depending on the sets won. Football’s short duration has helped me to watch it more often than other sports. During the same time, I came across Waka Waka and Waving Flag and I was delighted that FIFA World Cup was happening. I watched some nail-biting matches and the final was as dramatic as it would be.

Spain won against Netherlands to clinch the title of the World Champions in ’10

I started watching the Premier League later from August’10. Whenever someone starts following Football, one team he/she knows without any doubt is Manchester United. I started following the team, watched some videos of 2–3 seasons prior, their Champions League win in 2008 against Chelsea. This was the moment when I found out about Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid Story

There were players like Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo who were in the winning squad of the Champions League in 2008, for Manchester United. I figured out that Champions League is a tournament for the top flight European Clubs. That’s when I knew that, apart from Premier League and it’s 20 teams, there are leagues for every country and they have their respective clubs . Here are some countries with their tier 1 leagues and clubs.

England > Premier League > Chelsea, Manchester United

France > Ligue 1 > Paris Saint-Germain, Losc Lille

Germany > Bundesliga > Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund

Italy > Serie A > Juventus, AC Milan

Spain > La Liga > Real Madrid, FC Barcelona

I found out that Cristiano Ronaldo had recently moved to Real Madrid. I just googled the name of the team and I was in awe. Real Madrid was the winner of most La Liga Titles, most Champions League Titles and continues till date. The club has also been awarded with the most prestigious award of “Club of the Century”.

Official Stadium of Real Madrid C.F. (Estadio Santiago Bernabeu)

The team was something else. I started watching the La Liga games after 2011 since they got broadcasting rights only after that, but I had started watching the champions league games of the team, and I just loved the counter-attacking football. Their way of playing, their ball control, the momentum was just amazing. I have seen legends in the team with immense level of passion for the club. Few mentions are Iker Casillas, Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Xabi Alonso, Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcelo, Benzema. I keep the name list limited to this, I can write the name of every player in the squad. The team had 31 La Liga Titles and 9 Champions League then, and the numbers have only increased till date. It’s been 9 years I have been following Real Madrid and it’s just pure bliss. If you ask any guy, what’s their passion, they’ll probably mention their favourite football team and even my answer is the same

Real Madrid is passion. “Hala Madrid Y Nada mas!

If I start adding the team achievements and my memories associated with them, the blog would become too much lengthy. Will keep that part for another day. So, that’s how I started following Real Madrid!!

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