5 things needed while working from home

Recent Pandemic saw a major change in the work-cultures. Entire World has adopted Work from Home(WFH) culture which was mostly prevalent in the western countries earlier. Even the companies situated in India, who can work well without employees gathering at the work location have started with WFH systems. After this pandemic situation comes back to normal, such companies may adopt a hybrid system. A hybrid system is a combination of working from home and office. On certain days, the employees will gather at the office location, have meetings and discussions and other days would be Work from Home.

Most of the employees have already settled in WFH, but in the years to come, this blog would be helpful for the freshers who would start working from home itself. Also, currently working professionals can upgrade according to the list, so that the experience is enhanced.

1. Space/Room

Every space in your house has a significance. You just can’t sit on your bed or sofa for working. These places are meant to take rest. You won’t be 100% productive if you are using such places for your office hours. Claim a room to yourself, if not, then at least a corner of a room and setup your small desk and sit there without fail when you work. This will certainly increase your productivity and also help you to concentrate better.

2. Laptop/Desktop

Most of the people might get their laptops from office. Those who don’t, these people need to take some things into consideration. Invest in a good laptop/desktop which would handle your work load without getting lagged or hanged. Since, it will be your own personal laptop, buy one which will get you 3–4 years easily. The smoother your machine will be, the smoother your work will go on.

3. Smartphone

Smartphone is another essential thing because even though, most meetings with your manager and team will be on online platforms like Google Meet or Zoom, traditional phone calls will never stop. Some small one to one conversations will be carried on voice calls itself. Your phone should also be as a backup to your main system. In case of electricity cuts, you can continue your work from your smartphone. Almost every other desktop app has a mobile version these days. Also, some things like Mails and Messages can be easily be checked and updates for the same can be posted through the smartphone.

4. Earphones/Headsets

This is the thing which will make your Work from Home experience better. The headphones are generally required when in a meeting. If you are using a wireless headset or wireless buds, make sure that there’s minimum latency, otherwise you will face sound delays. You can also use these for listening to your work playlist and make your mood better.

5. Screen

Those who have desktops, already have a screen. Also, you will have no problem even if you have a 15inch laptop. But, if your laptop is smaller than this, you better go for a monitor. Everything looks clearer on the big screen. You can open multiple tabs and arrange them on the screen. It increases the visibility of the documents and other relevant media files as well. It increases multitasking, increasing your work productivity.

Now that you have arranged for all these, get ready for your amazing work from home experience. Add some more according to your wish-list like a chair, ambient lights or a desk lamp and create your ideal atmosphere to work efficiently.



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